Expansion Rara [EX] 


[Permanent] If your Leader is a red "Jiren" card and you have a "Toppo, Force of Obliteration" with 4 or more markers, reduce the energy cost of this card in all areas by 2. [Activate:Main/Battle] [Limit 1] Remove this card from under a red "Jiren" card from the game : Choose up to 1 of your red "Jiren" Battle Cards and switch it to Active Mode, choose up to 1 of your "Toppo, Force of Obliteration" and switch it to Active Mode, and that card gains [Blocker] for the turn. Additionally, if one of your Unisons has 5 or more markers on it, choose up to 1 of your opponent's Battle Cards or Unisons and it gets -15000 power for the turn.

Jiren, Righteous Pride Trooper

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