Metalmorfose Motourista

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Metalmorfose Motourista / Metalfoes Goldriver

Efeito de Pêndulo
Pendulum Effect: Once per turn: You can target 1 other face-up card you control; destroy it, and if you do, Set 1 "Metalfoes" Spell/Trap Card directly from your Deck. Monster Effect: That gleaming, golden buggy breaks bad guys good. What wonderful wheels! (With a bumbling buffoon....)
Psychic, Fire, N/A, Pendulum 

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HUNTERPLOCollector's RareNear Mint2R$ 1,50
DominionUltra RareNear Mint11R$ 1,89
amora2013CommonNear Mint2R$ 1,90
AndersonParkUltra RareNear Mint3R$ 2,00
FloripaPapelariaUltra RareNear Mint4R$ 2,00
mestredoscardsUltra RareNear Mint1R$ 2,00
cardmasterUltra RareNear Mint4R$ 2,30
CardzoneUltra RareNear Mint3R$ 2,39
ReinodosduelistasUltra RareNear Mint 2R$ 2,45
MestreRPGUltra RareNear Mint1R$ 2,50
ZaraibaUltra RareNear Mint1R$ 2,50
TrueKingsStoreUltra RareNear Mint2R$ 2,50
UniversoGeekUltra RareNear Mint4R$ 2,50
NetoCardsCommonNear Mint3R$ 2,60
doug85Ultra RareNear Mint3R$ 2,85
CyberseTeamBRUltra RareNear Mint6R$ 2,85
horadoduelotcgUltra RareNear Mint2R$ 2,99
RebellionUltra RareNear Mint1R$ 3,00
DanioUltra RareNear Mint1R$ 3,00
CasadoSeloUltra RareNear Mint3R$ 3,00

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