Special Rara [SPR] 


[Double Strike] [Dual Attack] [Auto] If your Leader is mono-yellow and you place 1 card from under this card in your Drop : When this card attacks, choose up to 1 of your opponent's Rest Mode Battle Cards, ignoring [Barrier], KO it, and during your opponent's next Charge Phase, your opponent can only switch up to 4 of their cards to Active Mode. [Activate:Battle] [Limit 1] YY, if you have 4 or more energy and you choose 1 each of a yellow "Kale" card in your Battle Area and a yellow "Caulifla" card in your Combo Area : At the end of your Damage Step for that battle, draw 1 card, play this card from your hand, and place the chosen cards under this card.

SS2 Kefla, Surging Flash (SPR)

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